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Ram Gopal Varama Takes On Politicians

Ram Gopal Varama Takes On Politicians

Ram Gopal Varma is one person who calls spade a spade irrespective of the reputation of the other person and the consequences he should face. In the aftermath of Dlishukhnagar bomb blasts when everyone was furious, politicians started repeating the same statements. Though people are fedup of hearing the same dialogues they cursed their helplessness.

However Ramu decided to rip them apart through social media network with his powerful tweets. Following are some of his thoughts.

“Bomb peludu khandisthunnamu anna cm gaari dilagu 1965 black nd white cinemala nunchi vintunnanu …aragadeesina paraakashta dilagu idhi”

“Delhi nunchi special teams rappisthunnam ane maata ki ardham local teams vedhavalanaa?”

“Politicianlu bomb blast baadhitulaki praghaada saanubhoothini birthday gift ichhinattu isthunnaru”

“Pm gaaru Digbhraanti vyaktham cheyyakunda santhosham vyaktham chestharani anukunnama manam? politicians need good writers like kona venkat”

“Pelulla pai vichaarana jaripistham anna shinde gaari dialigue ee dashaabdhanike most original high light dialogue waaahhhhh”

Everyone concured with him and appreciated the fact that atleast some celebrity has guts to say what general public is feeling rather than side with the powers.

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