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Pro Telangana leaders today

Pro-Telenagan leaders today

Pro-Telenagan leaders today

In the past leaders like Marri Chenna reddy and his followers including mallikarjun, uma venkataraminireddy and a lot more gained lucrative posts both in central and state governments showing the bogies of Telangana. As then Congress high command too apprehensive of their maneuvering abilities always tried to keep them in good humor providing some political employment. They led their lives like kings and never antagonized the either Andhra leaders or public.

Unlike in the past the Congress today in the state has one of the strongest chief ministers and the TRS leadership authoritatively cannot demand anything from him as he never cares anybody, it is heard many of the TRS MLAs are not allowed even to have a word in their constituencies.

To fund their party majority of the TRS MLAs particularly people like Nayani Narasimha reddy and Harish rao with tacit approval of KCR demanding ransom from Andhra realtors, if any of them refuse to pay then he will be dubbed as Anti-Telenganite and the duo along with their men will stage dharna in front of offices, as they did in case of Padmalaya studios, in some cases plant TRS party flags as they did in case of Visu lands. Once the ransom is collected the dharna will be winded up with out any statement, this has been practice since a long time even Lagadapati paid some bucks in the past. This is open secret known to all.

It is said Lagadpati contention is that as TRS leadership collected money from him they should not create this agitation drama and confine to statements. In this background TRS distanced it self from the attack on Lagadapati office and continuing their public outrage for the sake of cadre.


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