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Our minds have not yet been moulded for modernity

Our minds have not yet been molded for modernity

Our minds have not yet been molded for modernity

NTR could be considered an illiterate as far as politics are concerned before launching TDP. His fans and general public were very much aware of his blissful ignorance and just enjoyed his out of step political statements. That was the political cult of NTR.

Now both Chiru and BalaKrishna are as much illiterates of politics as their predecessor from the industry. But unlike NTR they lack courage, oratory skills, off the cuff reaction to social issue caring little about anybody, dramatizing ability and humanism.

People always expect honesty and integrity from officers. When it comes to politicians the demands are different.

If Chiru thinks people love him if he promises rule bound governance to people, he will be left out in the field.

Feudalism has died long back in the books of law, but very much alive in the minds of general public. Even today people love many characteristics of feudalism; it is proved time and again and YSR as the best example. Ask his fans the reason for adoration and many say they love him not because he is implementing large number of protective schemes for the common folks. But the simple answers they give you is ‘YSR goes to any extent to protect whoever trusts him and shows equal hostility in annihilating his enemies. In both occasions he cares little for the modern day rule books and constitution’.

Lagey raho YSR


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