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Opposition is down but not out

Opposition is down but not out

Opposition is down but not out

When almost written off by political pundits on  its return to power after next general elections to be held in April or May 2009,  the ruling congress bounced back by retaining Delhi and  snatching two states from other opposition parties,  one from principal opposition party BJP.

This is going to boost the morale of the Congress party to a great extent, as  it has been loosing  in  each and every Assembly election held since 2004.

The principal opposition party has the backing of the best chief ministers in the nation; the Orissa chief minister Naveen Patnaik (undoubtedly honest one) and the Nitesh kumar of Bihar who is ruling the state showing no bias against any caste. Contrary to that many UPA chief ministers have been  facing severe corruption charges like  Karunanidhi of Tamilnadu,  Maharastra CM Vilasrao, who recently resigned and a few more.

The only positive point for the Congress is its PM, who has not faced any corruption charge against him personally. Though temporarily Congress has the upper hand in the in real terms, the strength of the opposition parties cannot be under-estimated. 

The future prospects of the Congress depends upon how the present UPA government deals with terrorism, Pakistan and the global meltdown.


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