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Numbers & numerology in Bollywood film titles

Numbers & numerology in Bollywood film titles

Numbers & numerology in Bollywood film titles

There a number of Hindi films that are being increasingly given titles in numbers without any words but having a tag line.

Recently the film titled 13B starring Madhavan and Neethu Chandra has been released. As the number 13 is considered an unlucky number, the film 13B was a spooky film.

The other films being currently on floors having numbers as titles are 99, 8×10, 611, 17, 13, and 36-24-36. Bollywood stalwarts say that film titles that have no words but only numerals help people to grab immediate attention and have a high audience recall value.

Raj Nidimoru and D K Krishna are directing 99. Nagesh Kukunoor is making 8 X 10 with Akshay Kumar. In 13, a group of people have to survive for 13 days. Jaya Bachchan plays a principal role in 36-24-36, the title representing the legendary vital statistics of a pin-up female model.

611, a horror film, gets its name from the number of a hotel room that is haunted by spirits. Pritish Nandi’s 17 deals with the loves and losses of 17 year-olds with the background of unauthorized racing contests, drugs and dropouts. Vikram Bhatt’s supernatural film had been titled 1920.

With Astrology and Numerology ruling the roost in Bollywood, producers and directors seem to be opting for direct numbers as film titles instead of spelling aberrations to suit the numerology needs like Karzzzz, Singh is Kingg, Heyy Babyy, Kismat Konnection, Aap Ka Surroor, C Kkompany, Fun2shh and so on.

There had been films earlier in Bollywood that have had numerals or a combination of words and numbers: Raj Kapoor’s Shri 420 (1937), Post Box No 999 (1958), Victoria No 203 (1972) and Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s 1942: A Love Story (1994).

Perhaps, Bollywood will come out with funkier and more flunky film titles to suit the necessities of astrology and numerology.

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