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Nobel Peace Prize 2012 Goes To European Union

Nobel Peace Prize 2012 Goes To European Union

The European Union won the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday for its historic role in uniting the continent.

The EU has been a key in transforming Europe “from a continent of wars to a continent of peace,” committee chairman Thorbjoern Jagland said in announcing the award in Oslo.

“This is a message to Europe to do everything they can to secure what they’ve achieved and move forward,” Jagland said, saying it was a reminder of what would be lost “if the union is allowed to collapse”.

He praised the 27-nation EU for rebuilding after World War Two and for its role in spreading stability after the 1989 fall of the Berlin Wall.

The prize, worth $1.2 million, will be presented in Oslo on Dec. 10. The decision by the five-member panel, led by Jagland who is also Secretary-General of the Council of Europe, was unanimous.

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