No One Killed Arushi- IPC needs to change at least now

No One Killed Arushi- IPC needs to change at least now

It always bring gloom to my heart whenever I see the smiling face of 14 yr old Arushi Talwar who was killed in her own house 31 months ago and today the gloom became sorrow when I read that CBI seeks to close the case of Arushi Talwar for lack of evidence. If CBI which is considered India’s premier investigating agency couldn’t solve a murder case what are they for? The mystery shrouding the killing and the decision forces us to think if CBI needs a makeover and IPC needs to change.

Arushi is found with her throat slit and head injuries in her room while her parents Rajesh Talwar and Nupur Talwar sleeping in their bedroom. No one seems to have heard anything and the servant Hemraj was suspected till his body was found next day. Her parents were arrested for murder and then released as police had lack of evidence. Servants were picked up later and even they are released now. The case looked closer to solution when CBI picked up the case but finally even they gave up. The closure of the case not just represents denial of justice to Arushi but also takes away the faith in judicial system and investigation. It is also to be noted that CBI feels that evidence collected could not stand before court of law. This argument brings us to the debate if IPC needs a change. In the last few years we have seen so many cases where the verdict is yet to come and it looks like convicts are using loopholes in law more to save their skin. IPC is an age old code and needs change to suit today’s situation. Today criminals have grown smarter and are ahead of investigators and we should have IPC amended to admit evidence using brain mapping, narco analysis and other advance methods of investigation.

There are several evidences that have gone missing in Arushi case. Crucial documents are missing and the vaginal swabs are swapped. These instances are giving strength to the doubt that influential people are involved in the incident as no servant could have access to district hospital nor he can influence some one to do the same. If evidence is tampered with, isn’t it the job of CBI to find who has tampered the same with and I’m unable to understand if it is such a big job? The way the investigation is handled time and again by tampering with evidence clearly shows that vested interests and influential people are at work and if that is so, it is even more worrisome to see the case getting closed.

Supreme Court shouldn’t heed to CBI’s appeal for case closure and direct for separate investigation under supervision of CBI director and periodic reporting to the court on the investigation. Arushi cannot be denied justice and this is the least this nation should do to the young girl who has lost her precious life.

by Brahma Mahesh

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