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No More ‘His Excellency’ For President Of India

No More ‘His Excellency’ For President Of India

President Pranab Mukherjee has approved a new set of protocol to be used in greetings, invitations and addressing VIPs in the country.

The President was reviewing the protocol to make it more people friendly. The word ‘Hon’ble’ will be used before the title of ‘President’ or ‘Governor’. The traditional Indian greeting of ‘Shri’ or ‘Smt’ should precede the name.

Use of the words ‘His Excellency’ will be discontinued while organizing functions within the country and during interaction between Indian dignitaries and the President. In Hindi, ‘Rashtrapati Mahoday’ should be used in place of ‘Mahamahim’ during such occasions.”

‘Excellency’ will be used only for interaction of leaders with foreign dignitaries as is customary international practice. It has also been decided that the word ‘Rashtrapati Ji’ will replace ‘Mahamahim’ in official notings in the President’s secretariat.

All changes in protocol practice will be implemented with immediate effect.

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