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No body wants to know the truth

No body wants to know the truth

No body wants to know the truth

For the last four days the entire media and all political parties have been engaged in blame games rather than unearthing truth about the murder of Moddu Srinu.

The entire drama is not over who killed, but who are behind the killer.

Is it Ramoji-Chandhrababu due who hatched the plot? JAGAN? YSR-JC ? SURI? SUNITHA-KALUVA SRINIVASULU?

None of them want the truth. They want maximum political mileage out of it. If the real truth is a minor skirmish over putting out light in the barrack that led to the killing, they don’t want it.

Each of the media and political party cook up a story and convene a press conference to narrate their version without giving any basis for their allegation. Just blame game.

All of them want the truth to be overlooked. They don’t want the police to investigate and know the facts; just they want this blame game to continue.

Even the public is confused. They are mute witness to the whole blame game.

Their questions are; Is it Sunitha avenging act? Is it police eliminating strategy of key player at the behest of power-that -be?

Do the differences between Suri-Srinu that led to killing of the latter? Or is it really impulsive act?
Anytime the public do want to know the truth. Contrary to popular belief that the proliferation of TV channels and dailies would uncover facts faster, they are actively conniving in hiding it.

Sakshi says it is TDP work? ANDHRA JYOTHI and Enadu say Sakshi head himself is behind this.
Who are the real conspirators?

One thing is appearing to be true.

Even before the truth is brought to light the media and political parties decide to make some one scapegoat and the complete drama does run in getting readers accept their theory.


watch here Moddu Seenu (Moddu Srenu) killed in prison videos

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