Nielsen ORG Marg survey predicts Congress win in AP

Nielsen ORG Marg survey predicts Congress win in AP

Nielsen ORG Marg survey predicts Congress win in AP

A political poll survey was conducted by the news channel NTV in association with Nielsen ORG Marg Ltd in the month of February 2009, covering 88,146 respondents at an average of 300 voters from each constituency of Andhra Pradesh.

According to the results of the survey released on Sunday, the ruling Congress will return to power with 155-169 Assembly seats. The Telugu Desam-led Mahakutami will get between 92-110 seats. The Praja Rajyam of Chiranjeevi would get 30-35 seats and others would mop up 7-9 seats.

The survey predicts the Congress will get 23-27 seats out of 42 in the state in the Lok Sabha elections. The Mahakutami will 14-16 seats and the Praja Rajyam, 1-2 seats.

Regionwise, according to the survey, the Congress will win between 37 and 45 seats out of the total 119 in Telangana and 77-88 seats in coastal Andhra which has 124 seats. Out of the 51 seats in Rayalaseema, the Congress will get 35-41.

The Mahakutami will bag 52-70 seats in Telangana because of its pro-statehood stance, 20-24 seats in Andhra and 13-15 seats in Rayalaseema, the survey reported.

The Praja Rajyam will get 4-6 seats in Telangana and 2-3 seats in Rayalaseema. Its best showing will be in coastal Andhra at 21-28 seats, the survey said.

10 Responses to “Nielsen ORG Marg survey predicts Congress win in AP”

  1. Srujan Reddy says:

    How could the survey be done with out any candidates being selected. Looks like this survey is cooked up. poll surveys are done after the cadidates are selected. We do not belive in these surveys

  2. s.pallamraju says:

    ysr is right cm for ap.he has done very well in the last 5 years.The nielsen org marg survey also done scientifically in a analytical manner.

  3. Murali says:

    Why no links to Nielsen ORG Marg website or any sources that could corroborate the authenticity of the news. As of now, it appears to be a rumor story spread all across the media both online and tv.

  4. sandeep kumar says:

    nielsen org marg survy is not correct and authentic .the sample size of 3oo is not sufficint for declaration of govt policics

  5. RAKY says:

    I thing this is bogus survey no link to vote for the public from the website how could you say that Congress is going to win in the next elections?day by day congress is getting weeker and weeker all the schemes introduced by YSR are not reaching to general public all the schemes are only for name sake this is realised by the public.People are looking for a change for a new party, but who ever comes to the power there is no use for OC middle class people, everybody looking for vote banking, our polical scenerio has to be changed.They should lift away the reservation.

  6. vishnu says:

    It may not right, because without knowing the candidate how the people will decide to vote, now the people are justifying before the vote the candidate is available or not and good or bad. Now we are thinking that the AP in Hung, prajarajyam is in key role, if he supports to where that party will form the govt.

  7. Srinivas murthy says:

    THIS SURVEY IS NOT CORRECT . after seeing the candidates ,CONGRESS is going to fare lot better than the survey says . i feel not less than 200 seats for congress

  8. Chandu says:

    The survey could be right, there is no better politician than YSR

  9. chanduchowdary says:

    this is not the good result for people in andhra…in the next election tdp can get approximately……185-190

  10. this survey is fake . next TDP will form the government its sure.