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Narayana’ shock treatment to Raghuvulu and Naidu

Narayana’ shock treatment to Raghuvulu and Naidu

Narayana’ shock treatment to Raghuvulu and Naidu

Despite several attempts by TDP to corner support of the both the left groups in its efforts to form a grand anti-ruling front the CPI local leadership is scuttling all drives of Naidu. CPI general secretary Narayana consistently saying he does not have any hidden agenda in opposing TDP, his opposition is only counting on the past history of Naidu who like the present government submitted himself to corporate houses and lending banks during his tenure. His simple statement is ‘’ public hating Congress and TDP evenly”.

If media reports are any indication CPI (M) general secretary Raghavulu has already made up his mind to sail with TRS and TDP but excluding PRP on some excuse but Narayana nixing his plans. Naidu tried through CPI national leadership to arm-twist the local leadership but failed in his mission. Today CPI is spiking all oppositional guns in the formation of grand anti-congress alliance.

Why Narayana daring TDP and Raghavulu?

It is heard CPI is unable to digest the big brother attitude of CPI (M) all these years and want to teach a lesson to CPI (M) that despite their thin presence they too are in a position to make some difference in results and TDP should also know that just by meeting national leaders of the left groups he cannot undermine the importance of local leaders.

CPI(M) is of the view it cannot offered to loose one of its constituent partner at this crucial moment, as already a lot of damage has been done to the party in its strong holds of Telenagana because of local politics.

What is frustrating TDP and CPI (M) is ,Narayana not only attempting to align with PRP but making all possible attempts to get TRS also into its folds, if this happens it is going to help Congress in big way.
Now opposition parties are divided in their fight for UNITY among themselves.


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