Nakshatra Darshanam by Tanikella Bharani- A Book Review from my heart

Nakshatra Darshanam by Tanikella Bharani- A Book Review from my heart

There are two types of writers. Ones who write to make money and career and others who write to express their heart out. For them it is like a river of thoughts that flow down the memory lane and you see honesty and love in their words. Mr. Tanikella Bharani, an eminent actor, poet, writer and director who has completed 25 years of his journey in film industry wanted to remember all the people who influenced him, people whom he met in the journey and enjoyed companionship on the occasion and wrote Nakshatra Darshanam. The book is not just about the people related to films but also about the poets, artists and leaders.

The book starts with NTR, SVR, Savitri and Bhanumathi and the choice of people seems to be very genuine as these are the people who have influence not just Mr. Bharani but also entire film going population of Andhra Pradesh. Bharani tried to express the character of NTR linking to his movies and characters. He also pays his respects to artists like M.S. Subbulakshmi, Ustad Jakir Hussain, Viswanatha Satyanarayana, Sri Sri, Krishna Sastry and Dwaram Venkata Swamy Naidu. He remembered the father of comedy Charlie chaplin, Father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi and the great dictator Hitler in his book. Actors like Ramana Reddy, Suryakantham, Brahmanandam and Allu Ramalingaiah, Directors like Late Jandhyala, Raghavendra Rao, Late Gurudutt, Bapu and writers like Jaladi, C Narayana Reddy, Late Veturi and Singers like Ghantasala, Jesudas, Balamuralikrishna, Balu, Susheela found their place in the book. Most of the memoirs are in the form of short poems and Bharani felt that the poem is too short for few people like Sri Sri, Dasharadhi, Krishnasastry, Veturi, Susheela, Prakash Raj and Gurudutt.

The book is extremely easy but beautiful language and the usage of words is too good. A few are mentioned below:

About Bhanumathi
Dhishana Ahankaaram neeku Alankaaram.
Nee Palukula nindaa Korivi Kaaram

The poem not just talks about the nature of great Bhanumathi that is known to all but also talking about what is not known to many.

Nuvvu Bhadrakaali laa kanipinche Bharathivi
Nuvvu pulitholu kappukunna Gangigovuvi

These words praise her as a person with knowledge and wisdom and one who has a heart as soft as butter and a hand that doesn’t know saying NO despite looking tough.

About Jakir Hussain
Athani Padhivellu tabala meedha pancha kaavyaalavuthaayi.

About Viswanatha- Sri Sri-
Vishwanatha Veyipadagalu
Sri Sri Samanyudi Godavalu
Vishwanatha tulasi theertham
Sri Sri Theertham- Theertham
The way he wrote and compared two poets who believed in different genre and who differs with each other in thoughts and are like left and right, south and north pole is truly amazing.

He also did a superb comparison between Sri Sri and Chalam. He says Srirangam Sri Sri ayithe Chalam Sthri Sthri.

About ANR
Annapurna Samethudaina ee naasthika Naageswarudu
Manavathanu Devatha gaa poojinche Mahaa Manishi

Just two lines explain all about ANR and the last two lines truly give us the essence of being an icon.

About Chiranjeevi
Pillalaku Annayya
Kannelaku Kannayya
Kurralaku friend
Final gaa O legend

About Brahmanandam
Filmnagar Comedy Centre ku
Watchmennu, Gunmennu, chairmennu,tansenu, thane Charlie Chaplinnu
Mandinacho Satthenapalli Nippu
Kondakacho Kakinanda Uppu.

The list is endless and each poem is like a song that is sung from the heart. Each Article is like a nice tune created on a violin. We would see unfiltered love and affection towards the people who influenced him.

I tried to judge whom did he write about best and which poem is best and I was not able to judge as the next poem always looked like better than earlier and when I came back to earlier after reading the next, I loved the earlier.

It is rare that we find such unfiltered flow of thoughts and love towards people who influenced anyone and I would suggest to each Telugu speaking person to lay hands on the same and relish the sweetness of Mr. Bharani’s words and enjoy the fully spread platter from Mr. Bharani’s hand.

by Brahma Mahesh

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