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Nagababu Vents his ire on virus director. Is he right?

Nagababu Vents his ire on virus director. Is he right?

Nagababu and C Kalyan have raised the curtains on what seems to be the most controversial topic of the recent times in the film industry. They have made comments against few directors who take time in making a film and they blamed the directors for the fate of producers. They commented that there are few viruses who make film for months together at the cost of the producer’s money. He asked those directors why they couldn’t make films quicker while directors like Ram Gopal Varma could make movie with amitabh in a month. C Kalyan went a step further and said that few directors like VV Vinayak and Rajamouli has commitment. It is quite understandable that the producer whose films has failed miserably has every right to complain. Our sympathies are always with the person who has lost money. But the comments coming from the senior most and experienced people in the industry is surprising. They are talking as if they have just entered the industry and are taken for a ride. As far as Nagababu is concerned he is a senior actor and a senior producer besides being a part of a star family. He would have seen enough of industry and is assumed to have known in and out of the industry. When a film is finalized the budget and the schedules are prepared and the same has to be approved by the producer. As a senior producer he is supposed to have monitored the progress of the shoot and his nephew being the hero he has every right to question the director for the delay and cost escalation. He has been President of MAA for sometime and he should have prevented cost from getting escalated. If he is talking about Orange, he seems to have carried away by the confidence of Ram Charan on the subject and the Australia background added the most of the cost. This is not expected from a senior producer and actor like Nagababu to blame some one for his mistake.

Kalyan has seen two biggest disasters in the recent times and he is making a movie with another star at present. Kalyan was never the producer from the beginning of the film and he came into both the projects at the latter stage. By the time he has come in, both the movies have exceeded the shooting days and budget. If he had come in knowing the fact, he has no business to complain. In one of the movie that got delayed, it is in public knowledge that the same is delayed because of hero’s preoccupation with politics. Film making being a risky business as it is, it is silly to blame others for the failures. My Question to these producers would be if they are prepared to share profits if a film becomes super hit and the director is applauded?

Brahma Mahesh

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