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Muslim Body Notices ‘Change’ In Modi

Muslim Body Notices 'Change' In Modi

Gujarat CM Modi is hated to the core by muslims for the riots aftermath Godra incident. However An umbrella body of Muslim organisations has acknowledged “some signs of change” in Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi’s attitude.

However they insisted that if Modi regrets for the riots of 2002 and apologises publicly then they will support him in the coming elections. Laying stiff conditions, including an apology and “expression of sorrow” for the 2002 riots, before extending him support “in rebuilding Gujarat”.

JCMOE chairman Syed Shahabuddin noted that the BJP and Modi are giving special attention to Muslim voters ahead of the assembly elections in Gujarat, but said the community in the state and elsewhere in the country has not forgotten the 2002 massacre. He asked Modi to offer at least 20 assembly tickets to Muslims acceptable to the community,

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