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Menu of Ramoji troubles

Menu of Ramoji troubles

Menu of Ramoji troubles

Till YSR took over reins Ramoji is hotshot in the state politics. No one survived either in politics or in market or in social life raising voice against him, not to talk of smaller leaders even central ministers were waited for appointment . It is heard one central minster of BJP and some of the Chandrababu cabinet colleagues used to stand in front of him. He wielded such an enormous power in the last government; one copy of all government orders (G.Os) were marked for RFC (Ramoji film city) and each and every major project of Naidu govt had his approval before launching.

That is history. The dethronement of TDP in 2004 elections had upset his apple cart and his adamant head on collision with YSR had everything going upside down.

Today –

A superintend in a temple is suspended because he provided VIP treatment for his daughter-in-law.

His youngest son has serious differences with him; even both of them are not on talking terms. And it is heard he is seriously considering asking his share of property.

His once money milking cow Margdarsi financials today almost taking to him to jail.

SAKSHI is not only countering his version of news but also is pushing ENADU to the second position in circulation.

Tv9 has already neutralized his anti-government news impact in visual media and ETV2 is one of the poorly rated channels. Even ETV is not top in the chart of entertainment channels.

The grimmest part of his crisis is if the media and public talk are to be true YSR is going to come back to power if elections are to be held today.

Every week he has at least one case coming for hearing in a court some where in state. Though he is spending a lot of his time to come out of legal snarl, despite his best efforts they are not going to come to an end in near future.

Having been from a factionist background YSR is not going to compromise just teasing enemy and pounds his rival till end.

YSR men are predicting collapse of Ramoji Empire before elections, but Ramoji sympathizers are countering this argument saying R.R (Ramoji rao) links are extended far beyond AP and he can use his Delhi connections to overcome the present crisis if needed.

In the present scenario the greatest victory for him is not defeating YSR but overcoming crisis.

If, as many predicting, voters pull YSR through in next elections the Ramoji Empire will collapse like great Roman empire.


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