Media attempts to create rift between YSR and DS

Media attempts to create rift between YSR and DS

Media attempts to create rift between YSR and DS

It is a known fact that two of the Telugu newspapers are always carrying concocted write ups in their dailies to debase the image of the Congress government in the state. Repeatedly exposing the true colors of those two dailies YSR insulated his image and has started to attack them in his style. Frustrated over their dwindling circulation, plummeting public image, growing popularity of the Congress and imminent death of TDP as a reckoning force, these two dailies, rather than changing their attitude, are still carrying partisan news without caring for journalistic norms.

The latest instance for the unfairness in news reporting is about the recent appointments to PCC. The first day both dailies reported that YSR got a lion’s share in the nominations and D.Srinvias is unhappy over that. The following  day both YSR and D.Srinivas denied that there are any differences between them. The respectable media should give priority to their statement.. But the dailies provided little coverage to their statements carrying them the on the last pages and in the front page carried a news item saying the rift between YSR and DS had widened. 

If the media in the state thinks that readers are fools and believe whatever they write, they are grossly mistaken.


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  1. raj says:

    it is know fact that, those papers are not news papers, (andhra jyothi, enadu) they are “view’s papers” of their caste, even “sakshi” also doing the same thing supporting to congress, in future it may convert another caste view’s paper