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May 23rd and 3 Film Directors

May 23rd and 3 Film Directors

Isn’t it surprising that we see so many coincidences with dates sometimes? Such is a coincidence with May 23rd the day on which 3 popular film directors are born. They are K. Raghavendra Rao, YVS Chowdary and Anand Ranga. It is also coincidence that all the three are famous for their taking. Raghavendra Rao and YVS Chowdary are popular for their taking of songs and there were times when YVS Chowdary was called ‘Next Raghavendra Rao’. Anand Ranga though relatively younger to the two veterans has become famous for his taking and sensitive handling of love story in ‘Oye’.

K. Raghavendra Rao is born on May 23rd 1942 and is a very popular director who has directed more than 100 films in Telugu and Hindi. He has given a new dimension to commercial Telugu cinema and is very popular for his taking of songs.

YVS Chowdary who is also born on May 23rd has assisted K. Raghavendra Rao and learnt the trick of the trade from his guru. He has directed 8 films till date out of which 6 films are super hits and his taking of songs in Seetharamaraju has brought accolades to him and people started calling him ‘Next Raghavendra Rao’. He has made the super hit films like Devadas, Lahiri lahiri lahiri lo and seethaiah on his home banner Bommarillu.

Anand Ranga born on May 23rd 1975 is the youngest of the lot and has entered film industry with Ram Gopal Varma and Shiva as an inspiration. He has directed critically acclaimed Oye with Siddharth and Shamili in 2009 and is preparing to make his second movie. He is considered as a very special talent among current breed of film directors in Telugu.

There is also a coincidence between Anand Ranga and YVS Chowdary. While YVS Chowdary’s home production is called as Bommarillu, Anand Ranga got his first chance during the making of Bommarillu in which he assisted his friend Bhaskar and became friendly with Siddharth.

Coincidences apart, I wish that the three directors will give us more and more entertaining films in future and wish them all the best.

Brahma Mahesh
[email protected]

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