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Last elections for film glamour

Last elections for film glamour

Last elections for film glamour

Till yesterday they are demigods; fans and public have to wait hours to see them. Now look at the changed scenario! The big stars themselves are knocking at the doors of their fans and public, but both are not finding time to listen even though their arrival is announced well in advance.

Many said as far as AP is concern NTR is the first hero who enjoyed high-status among the public, in film industry and in politics. What is not said is these elections are going to be the last one for the film glamour and in the days to come political parties even may feel avers to engage them for the elections.

Forget about small time artists even the big stars like Pawan kalyan, Balakrishna and Chiranjeevi are not finding audiences for their real show and in some places the meetings are canceled due to poor turn out.
Only hero who had some good gatherings is Jr.NTR but fate had hacked his tour mid way and by the time next elections come wily Naidu will sideline him.

In the past political leaders used to offer seats to film personalities to defeat some of their formidable rivals and invite heroines and heroines for canvas hoping to get a few more votes with their presence, but now the things have changed.


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