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Lack of Leadership- A bane in the democracy

Lack of Leadership- A bane in the democracy

The ongoing events in the state of Andhra Pradesh in the last 18 months, least to say strengthens my belief that leadership is not just something what people think it is and lack of it can be dreadful to the larger interests of the people.

The state that once was in forefront of investments, development and prosperity and of course was ranked in the top quartile in the top states survey is today tottering to survive. We can see the stalled development and lack of focus and direction in the government and chaos around. The government is sandwiched between the fire created by Telangana supporters and YS Jagan.

It is beyond debate that YS Jagan is doing his series of deekshas to project himself as a leader of masses and to expand his support base among MLAs. But if the government or the ministers thought that they can cut him down in size just by issuing comments that they are ignoring him, it is a mistake. Jagan is making good on the belief that sympathies will always come when he talk and fight on the problems and if those sympathies are projected well on media, it can be built into a mass base. No doubt, most of the problems he is talking today are continuing from his father’s period but as an opposition leader he is making best use of it. The government seems to have lacking the spokesman who can defend government and counter the allegations. It is high time CM and his colleagues realize that silence will not help them. YS Jagan also should understand that people will get tired of his deekshas just like his yatras if he continues for long time. After 6 days of his deeksha, you find that his channel alone is showing about his deeksha and the other channels are not as active as they should be. It is time he decide what he wants to do and end the dramas of deekshas and yatras. The desperation is showing and it was very clear yesterday when his group leaders like Konda Surekha spoke on television and was angry that it is unfortunate not to have single representation from government to end the fast leave aside refunding the fees. It gives an impression that the camp was waiting for someone from government to come and request him to end the fast and the same could be used to their benefit.

Then comes Telangana issue. Last one week has been crazy with non co-operation movement by Telangana JAC and the 48 hour that followed. Both state assembly and Parliament are getting stalled on daily basis and it is most surprising that the congress party MPs are protesting against their own bosses. The leadership seems to have lost in deciding further course of action and is caught in a dilemma. All said and done the late YSR was able to subside both TRS and his own party people and could douse the fire but today with no one to care anyone and no one in control, the state is suffering. It is true that investors are going back and not a single match of world cup was scheduled in the city and it goes to show that the faith of investors and tourists is going down. It doesn’t mean that the government could ignore people’s aspirations. The big problem here is lack of guts to take a decision and it also goes without saying that one bad decision could lead to multiple bad decisions. The central leaders like Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi who are hailed as the only saviors of mankind are now looking left and right, unable to understand what to do. How can one be called as a leader when he/she couldn’t take a decision? Why shouldn’t people of the state question the leaders who are part of a hasty decision that was taken on December 9th and then retracted. If they have taken a decision, they should have stuck by it and by all means the people would have come to terms of new state. Mind you, even today it is not the people but the politicians who have problem with 2 states. Why should there be a problem for a common man when telangana is after all part of India? For the supporters of Telangana, it is high time to understand that the temperament is very very critical in driving the movement and the statements of hatred being issued by the leaders and the violent actions by the followers will only dent the image of the state and twin cities and it could take longer than expected to resurrect the image again if the state is formed.

Let me come to the KCR, self proclaimed messiah of Telangana. We are seeing him for the first time in as many years as he was MP talking about telangana in the Loksabha. He comes out in public when he feels like and then withdraws himself into a cocoon. He seems have got irritated with the statements of few congress leaders and declared the non co-operation movement. He talks about peaceful protests but his people burn the buses. He is popular for starting the movements but doesn’t know how to end them when they start hurting the majority. It is obvious that KCR is strengthening himself on the plank of more popular telangana and telangana sentiment is not becoming strong because of KCR.

Chandrababu Naidu, leader of Telugu Desam was CM of the state for 9 years and was praised as an able administrator by many. Today he is struggling not to know how he can manage his both eyes. One eye (Telangana) is bleeding and he seems to have acting like everything is fine and the other eye is acting as if it is the only eye. How can someone who cannot manage his own party manage the state again?

Between all these arguments, one may feel that YS Jagan could have been a better choice for the congress. But the lack of administrative experience and over ambitious behavior is making him unviable. The statements like- You should refund fees come what may and even by taking loans could by far make him a politician and not a leader.

The leadership vacuum is looming large on the state and when even the central leaders become useless, we can’t expect much from Kiran Kumar Reddy who has taken the throne from the back door. In all this one wonder where the mega star Chiranjeevi is and he seems to have gone into oblivion after his merger press meet. Looks like he is repeating the blunder of going slow after an activity that he did after party launch again and may not augur well to project him as the next leader.

The one question the people of Andhra Pradesh asking is, when will this tamasha end and will we ever have a leader who can unite us?

by Brahma Mahesh

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