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KCR, the dictator

KCR, the dictator

KCR, the dictator

All those who don’t want the division of Andhra Pradesh and formation of petite state dividing the Telugu speaking public must profoundly extend their thanks to KCR and his petty and greedy politics.

Forget about the people of other regions, even people from his own Telengana are vexed with his inconsistent behavior that is ultimately diluting the sentiment of the separate statehood.

From the beginning many educated youth particularly teaching community, litterateurs and advocates had been the strong votaries for the independent state for the people of that region. Though a lot of them hate KCR personally they rallied behind him as he appeared to be the final hope. Now he has amply proved that his priority is not a separate Telangana state but power and his histrionics have gone too far for his own followers to bear with.

It is YSR who first cut him to length by forcing his men to go out of his ministry even though many seniors’ leaders opposed direct confrontation with KCR. But Naidu who is in deep political crisis ran behind KCR only to get fooled.

It seems the newcomer to politics and ten month old political boy Chiru is wasting no time to stretch his hand for KCR friendship in the event of failure of Mahakutami?

Can we call him BAKARA in waiting?

Whatever are the final results, his attitude is diluting the sentiment gradually. Who knows this better than YSR?


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