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Is Harish Shankar emerging as the preferred stylish mass director in Telugu film industry?

Is Harish Shankar emerging as the preferred stylish mass director in Telugu film industry?

With Mirapakaay emerging as the winner in the sankranthi race, one person who has emerged out of success is the director Harish Shankar. While the hero of the film Raviteja is at his best, the biggest credit of the film is given to Harish Shankar. Audience thought that he could handle a normal story very well and Harish’s stylish narration of the plot has stood out from the crowd. Puri Jagannath has established himself as a director who can handle mass very well and project hero stylishly. People used to look forward for Puri’s treatment of his hero. Now Harish who worked with Puri in some of his projects seems to have learnt a trick or two from his mentor. His stylish portrayal of his hero seems to have reaping rewards for his and the proof of the same is his bagging the most lucrative project ‘ Gabbar Singh’ with Power Star Pawan Kalyan. Gabbar Singh is being made as remake of Dabangg which is declared as a blockbuster in 2010. The film portrays a police officer in a mass role. The film has lot of punch dialogues, fights and salman’s character is done very stylishly with his rayban hanging on back of his collar etc., In Telugu there are few heroes who could do justice to the role and Pawan Kalyan undoubtedly suits the best. When it comes to directors who could handle such story and characters, very few would come into mind and Harish Shankar with his latest Mirapakaay would be the best choice. The best part about Harish is his conviction in narrating what he does and style and exuberance he adds to the character and it seems power star is bowled over by the director’s talent and roped him in his home production. The film has gained craze from the word go and the title Gabbar Singh is liked by one and all. The poster released yesterday is the proof that the film is going to be stylish mass film. We have to see how Harish can portray Gabbar Singh and live up to the expectations of the fans of Power Star. We have to wait and see if Harish Shankar will emerge as the preferred stylish mass director of Telugu Film Industry.

by Brahma Mahesh

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