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India ‘Brain Deads’ Sarabjith

India 'Brain Deads' Sarabjith

Family of Sarabjith Singh must be cursing to be the citizens of India. For many years they have been representing Indian Govt running from pillar to post to facilitate his release from Pakistan jail, interacting with Pak Govt. However Govt Ministers except for lip service did nothing and now left Sarabjith in Brain Dead condition.

Ever Since Kasab was hanged and later Afzal Guru, pressure in Pak grew for tit for tat by hanging Sarabjith. Even India feared attack on him but did nothing. Finally the untoward happened and Pak planned accordingly handing over jail inmates with deadly weapons. They attacked him menancingly and when he was shifted to hospital, Pak gave only limited counsular access as a slap on India’s face.

Now it is confirmed that Sarabjith is brain dead and helpless family is returning back.

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