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Harish Rao Fires on CM Kiran

Harish Rao Fires on CM Kiran

Many felt that TRS party will have nothing to raise in the Assembly session but resolution on Telangana formation and permission to TJAC’s Chalo Assembly. However the party stunned Congress party, CM Kiran and even the seasoned political analysts. Many felt TRS and TDP will clamor for Telangana and Tainted Ministers and YSRCP will raise the issues related to common man.
However TRS deputy floor leader and firebrand T.Harish Rao fired CM Kiran for discriminating against the farmers of the Telangana region. Harish Rao later addressing the media at Assembly Media Point said “The government had released about Rs. 680 crores for the cyclone-hit farmers of the Seemandhra region. However, he said, only Rs. 62 crores were released for the Telangana farmers.”

He warned that TRS party will not tolerate this kind of step motherly treatment towards Telangana farmers by Andhra Pradesh Govt.

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