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Fitness Mantras Of The Khans Of Bollywood

Fitness Mantras Of The Khans Of Bollywood

Fitness Mantras of the Khans of Bollywood

Bollywood actors have taken a fetish for fitness with 6-pack-abs and follow a strict gym regime.

Hereunder are the fitness mantras of the top six Khans of Bollywood:

Salman Khan.

Even though work keeps this actor busy, he doesn’t fail to keep a track of his fitness routine. The actor who made being shirtless a style statement, this Khan’s workout involves an hour of cardio and another of weight training. He alternatively works on triceps, back, biceps and legs. Apparently known to do 500 crunches, chin-ups and pull ups in a day, he sure knows the secret of keeping those chiseled packs intact.

Shahrukh Khan.

The Khan of all Khans, who always maintained that he is an actor and not a body builder, has built quite the body for himself as he gets older. According to Shahrukh’s trainer, Prashant Sawant, his transformation didn’t happen overnight. It took 6 months of a high protein, low-carb diet along with special exercises for shoulders, back and chest.

Aamir Khan.

Apparently, it took Aamir 13 months of hard work with 4 hours of daily gymming and a strict dietary routine to achieve the Ghajni look. His personal trainer Satyajit Chaurasia believes that building a desirable body is more about mental endurance rather than physical. Aamir’s workout includes: A 3 day cycle – Mondays for chest and back, Tuesdays for arms and Wednesdays for shoulders and legs. His diet consists of one-third fat content, one-third protein content and one-third carbs which include normal dal, roti, sabzi and 16 egg whites, fruits and four liters of water in a day.

Saif Ali Khan.

Also known as the ‘Chotte Nawab’ of Bollywood, this super-fit Khan religiously works out for two hours every single day. Even while shooting for films, he continues his workouts (recently spotted in Goa while shooting for Agent Vinod, along with his trainer). Saif is also into partner yoga with Kareena (check details here). A kick boxing fanatic, Saif maintains his high level of fitness by improving on his cardio and stamina building exercises regimen.

Imran Khan.

The actor who went shirtless for his recent hit, I Hate Luv Storys, Imran Khan has worked hard on his body to develop that lean yet muscular look. For someone who has been thin all his life, bulking up was a major struggle for him. He believes in juggling between different fitness routines at different times, such as kickboxing, karate, swimming, dancing and tae kwon do. He believes in moulding himself according to different roles and does that with great perfection.

Sohail Ali Khan.

Well-liked in the Hindi film industry for his power packed body, this fitness freak Khan is as fit as a fiddle. It is said that Salman Khan is the main source of inspiration for Sohail and helps in chalking out his fitness plan, after all it is no secret that both the Khan brothers work out in their own personal gym. This senior Khan rejoices walks, swimming and lifting weights.

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