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Face-off : Telugu TV channels and Tollywood

Face-off : Telugu TV channels and Tollywood

Face-off : Telugu TV channels and Tollywood

With the advent of TV many media experts felt that the audience may shift from the silver screen to the small screen. But, ironically, almost all the Telugu TV channels started airing film-based programmes to sustain their TRP ratings. Even Tollywood depended on TV medium to promote their films through extensive advertisements.

Recently, the Producers Council took a decision not to pay for the film promo-ads aired on TV Channels. The argument is that as the TV is surviving because of film-based programmes, they should telecast the film promo-ads free of cost which will eventually reduce the financial burden on the producers. They seem to be oblivious to the fate of the TV channels.

The film producers are also not paying for promo-ads released on popular websites.
Now, the TV channels are piqued and have taken up cudgels against the Tollywood Producers Council. Lead by MaaTV, E Tv and GeminiTV, most of the channels have decided to boycott film functions like Muhurt, audio release functions and promo-press meets.

This face-off between the TV Channels and Tollywood film producers is becoming bitter, though efforts are being made to reconcile both the warring parties.

Interestingly, many Tollywood producers have stock and stake in many TV Channels.

Looks like that everyone in Tollywood wants free publicity on TV and websites. The question is, how will TV Channels and websites survive?

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