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Dr Manmohan Singh: Beaurocrat to Aristocrat

Dr Manmohan Singh: Beaurocrat to Aristocrat

Dr Manmohan Singh: Beaurocrat to Aristocrat

It was PV Narasimharao, who pulled Dr Manmohan Singh into politics. When the former took over the reigns of governance, the Indian economic scene was in dire straights. The cash chest of the country was empty. The then government even pledged the country’s gold reserves to tide over the acute financial crisis.

The master stroke of PV was inducting Dr Manmohan Singh as the Finance Minister, who over a period of time pulled India out of the quagmire of economic bungling.
PV famously stated, “ Manmohan Singh takes care of my Economics and I take care of his Politics.”

Groomed by PV, seasoned by the vagaries of politics and hardened by the sheer weight of experience, today, Dr Manmohan Singh has transformed himself into a mature statesman from a meek beaurocrat.

The way he handled the Left during the crisis of passing the Indo-US Nuclear Deal was a master stroke of credible politics and incredible politicking.
At the ripe age of 76 and after two heart surgeries, he still has a fighting fit heart to lead the country from doom to boom. He is honest, sincere, committed, and transparent and has the knack of pragmatic day dreaming.

After the results of the General Elections were announced, there was a massive SMS traffic which proclaimed, “Singh is King.” How true and how prophetic!

We Indians are really fortunate to have such a Prime Minister and fortuitous enough to be governed by Team Manmohan. One of his ardent fans is Barack Obama, President of USA, the most and awfully powerful man in the world today. He described Manmohan as “a very wise man.”

Dr Manmohan Singh: Beaurocrat to Aristocrat

Dr Manmohan Singh: Beaurocrat to Aristocrat

Dr Manmohan Singh: Beaurocrat to AristocratDr Manmohan Singh comes from a community known colloquially as Sardars, whose members I have never seen begging. Show me a Sardarji who is begging…. No, you can never find one. They are a hard working, proud, courageous and humane community sharing their joys and willing to sacrifice their lives for the security of the nation and its populace.

In his second innings as Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh has assembled a Cabinet of experienced professional politicians sprinkled with the vigour and vitality of youth.
When the entire world crashed in the wake of an economic tsunami, as the world’s financial kingdom lay in tatters and the global meltdown watered away the riches of the polity of nations, it is only India that showed a percentage, however little, of growth in GDP and overall productivity… Thanks to the alert alacrity and celebrated celerity of Dr Manmohan Singh, who walks tall and with measured haste always keeping an eye, like the mythical Arjuna, on his Aim.

What is Dr Manmohan Singh’s Goal? As a benevolent beaurocrat, dignified democrat, cultured civilian, civilized citizen and proficient politician, his goal appears to be making every Indian an Aristocrat and reclaim India’s ancient glory once again in today’s world.
Truly…the Doctor of Economics is Man (humane) Mohan (Lord Krishna) Singh-ing the paeans of our rich heritage and bent upon restoring it.

As a citizen of India and of the World, I am really proud of being governed by a leader like Dr Manmohan Singh. A Beaurocrat turned Aristocrat of Aristotle-an integrity.

Deen Kumar

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