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Does the public care these stars?

Does the public care these stars?

Does the public care these stars?

Just a film or two of Mahesh, Jr.NTR, Kalyanram starrers are super hit do not make them admirable figures among the common folks; public do adore their movements or expressions or acting abilities and watch their films repeatedly but do not confer them respectable position, as they did in case of stars of yester years, where the these stars word has some value in preferring representative.

That is the strength of the present day matinee idols.

It took almost four to five decades for NTR to situate himself in hearts of Telugu people and his images still providing oxygen down to the generation in the family. NTR and ANR went around the state whenever a part of the state faced the wrath of nature, not only that his political entry did take place when it was at mostly needed. NTR had not surveyed and run his office with corporate style, his is an impulse nature.

Today every star has some personnel agenda for propping a political party or leader up and public welfare is secondary and selfish motive is primary concern of these screen divas. Not only public even fan association know this fact.

Nagababu or Pawan Kalyan or Balakrishna or Krishna whoever may be the star who is appealing us favor their man as CM in the coming elections should know that public are more politically conscious and know whom to choose.

All these years public have waited at the gates of the film artists houses to have a glance of their faces, now they themselves coming to the public begging for votes. Is this called fate?


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