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Do elections have any meaning?

Do elections have any meaning?

Do elections have any meaning?

Gone are the days when elections were fought on the ideological lines, in the present scenario  money, muscle, caste, religion and region are playing dominant role in deciding results. Political parties and the media over the decades have successfully polluted and corrupted the minds of voters creating various kinds of divisions among people for selfish   ends and perpetuating them by frequently instigating on every available occasion. Now with their stinking minds public cannot look beyond parochial prism in choosing their representative.

Today no election passes without violation of constitutional norms, misuse of religion and caste, distribution of money and free flow of liquor. Not to blame illiteracy and poverty for the degeneration of things, even during the council polls, where only graduates are allowed to exercise votes, the election picture is no way different.

The recent Karnataka elections are epitome of collapsed electoral system. If what reported in media and  public talk are to be believed a few of the contestants spent more than hundred crores and major parties collected around ten crores from each candidate as party fund to give party ticket. The BJP which has propagated in the past as a party with a different is the front runner in this unfair show there.

If that is the condition at the ground level the picture at the higher level is no way different. The recent trust vote brazenly exposed the shady side of the honorable parliament members who themselves nakedly stood in front of the nation. All parties (some to win it some to defeat), leaving of their senses, have adopted fraudulent methods in the parliament shamelessly indulging in horse trading and degrading the honor of the house.

Jayapraksh narayan’ social movement LOKSATTA by according primacy for electoral reforms in their agenda started  off as a hope for those who longed for  vibrant electoral system but now after  converting  itself into  a political party has lost its fighting spirit.

With elections fast approaching there is need for every one to have rethinking.The good days for democracy will come only when common man repose faith in the ballot box otherwise the nation will sink into political and social quagmire.


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