Digital Telangana Week to be Launched from 1st july

Digital Telangana Week to be Launched from 1st july

After Make in India and Clean India (Swachh Bharat), the Government of India is launching its 3rd major campaign, called Digital India with the objectives of
enabling digital empowerment of citizens,
facilitating digital infrastructure as a utility to every citizen and
providing governance & services on demand.

Digital India will be launched through a week-long programme starting 1st July.

Under the leadership of Minister Mr KT Rama Rao, the ITE&C Department has simultaneously planned for a very ambitious Digital Telangana programme. In fact some of our goals under Digital Telangana far exceed Digital India’s goals.

Digital Telangana stands on two pivots; each of them representing the supply and the demand side. On the supply side, the main aim is to ensure that digital facilities become available to each and every person in the state. This is being made possible through :

a. Laying OFC to each household using the water grid trenches
b. Providing 4G services in the entire state
c. Wifi in major cities and towns
d. e-Panchayat scheme under which a One Stop Shop kiosk will be available in each Panchayat

Similarly, on the demand side, the intention is to make each and every person digitally empowered so that he/she can make best use of the digital facilities that are being made available right at his/her doorstep. The strategies for this include:

a. Digital literacy programme, under which one member of each household will be taught to become digitally literate
b. School computer literacy programme: To teach every child from Class 6 onwards the basics of computers
c. Expansion of mee-seva services
d. Converting as many mee-seva services as possible on mobile platform and make mobile governance a reality in Digital Telangana
e. Identifying technology solutions for all government agencies to provide better services to the citizens

Government of Telangana in the last 6 months has been working on making the vision of Digital Telangana a reality by providing 4G services in major cities; enabling WiFi facilities at Tank Bund, Necklace Road, Charminar, Public Gardens, Railway Station, etc; expanding mee-seva services and working towards the goal of One Stop Shop (OSS) kiosks at each Gram Panchayat.

During this week long programme Department of IT&EC with the help of other departments is doing programmes at village, mandal, district and state level through out the week.
Broad schedule of the programme is enclosed:

The main Highlights of this programme are:
Launch of new eservices in endowments department (Online payment gateways for Yadgiri Gutta and Bhadrachalam), agriculture department (green phablet), etc
promoting digital literacy, cyber hygiene and cyber security
Encouraging people’s participation through Digital Pledge, 2k & 5k runs, competitions, Hackathon events, etc.
Launch of biometric attendance system in Warangal District.
Wifi services at Telangana University, Nizamabad

Schedule of the week

1st July
Mann Ki Baat
Broadcast of ‘PM’s message on Digital India’
across the state
2nd July:
Awareness & Enrollment Day
Enrollments for Aadhaar, Jeevan Praman, Digital Locker, etc
at village levels
3rd July:
Training on new services
Department officers and meeseva operators
at Divisional and district levels
4th July
Digital Run, Essay & Elocution competitions, Panel Discussions, culture events
Schools, Colleges, general public
at District Level
5th July
5k Run & Digital Raahgiri
In Cyberabad to create awareness on Digital Telangana
at state level
6th July
Swatchh Digital India programme
comprising of e-waste management & green IT corridor initiatives
at state level

Award distribution
for best performing meeseva operators
at state level

Signing of MoUs
on cyber security with CR Rao Institute, on Digital Literacy with Nasscom, etc
at state level

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