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Dictatorial attitude of Communist Leadership

Dictatorial attitude of Communist Leadership

Dictatorial attitude of Communist Leadership

Not only in the state but everywhere in the world, the communist high command forcefully implements its agenda without giving any thought to the lower level party workers’ opinion . They are worst than dictators in this regard.

It is a foregone conclusion that communist parties cannot sail with mainstream ruling parties with harmony, even though they fight elections with pre-poll alliances with other parties. This is proved even during NTR regime and now in the case of YSR.
During Chandrababu’s time, Left party workers and movements were the most affected segments; media had not supported any of anti-TDP agitations; Police brutally suppressed the militant left wing groups; Naidu himself ridiculed the left ideology and even asked them to adopt capitalistic policies.

Though Congress is not pro-poor it is not as cruel as the TDP in having social responsibility except in corruption. Chandrababu insulted left ideology and workers but respected top level leadership. YSR has not passed any comments and hurt the feelings of workers but directly attacked Raghavulu of CPM.This got left leader part ways with Congress and go back to TDP fold without checking Naidu’s antecedents.
Naidu succeeded in his gamble of getting an alliance with the Left despite strong resistance from flag carrying cadre.

Chandrababu won the game, Raghavulu also succeeded in getting CPI national leadership twist the arm of its local leadership to accept for a tie up with TDP, but poor party workers lost.


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