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Dhoni Sued For Controversial Ad

Dhoni Sued For Controversial Ad

Local Court in Bengaluru, registered defamation case against Team India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni for defaming Lord Vishnu and hurting the sentiments of people in the process.

Sixth additional chief metropolitan magistrate Choori Khan registered the case under section 295 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) on a petition filed by Jayakumar Hiremath, a city-based social activist.

Hiremath in his petition stated “By posing as Lord Vishnu for an advertisement in a business magazine, holding many things, Dhoni has denigrated the Hindu god and hurt our religious feelings,”

Case is posted for hearing on May 12th and it has to be seen what Dhoni got to say in the whole episode. Already Magazine offcials stated it was not Dhoni in the picture but only a painting.

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