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Criticism on Film Heroes and Politicians – An interesting comparision

Criticism on Film Heroes and Politicians - An interesting comparision

Any new film release day is a festival like day for me and ofcourse for all telugu cinema fans. Today is yet another day with Panjaa release. It started early in the morning when various social networking/filmy websites are filled with opinions of fans, anti fans( which dictionary has this word except for tollywood dictionary), neutrals and reviewers. Fans write good and big things. Anti Fans always say movie is average and bad and neutral weigh and write. Fans always feel bad at Anti fans comments and also at reviewers who give average to below average. Anti fans say certain things like no comedy, no entertainment etc and fans complain that comedy cannot be expected in a mafia and this is not a cheap film .I remember NTR fans said same thing when oosaravelli was released and Anti fans complained. Now I wonder how many NTR fans complained about lack of comedy in Panjaa and Pawan fans refuted. Iam sure many of Pawan fans would have blamed Oosaravelli when it was released. The bottom line is that an anti fan always cribs at other hero’s film and a fan always defends. This is the nature of the law and we may not be able to change it. If a hero or a fan wants to survive in the industry he may have to learn to face all this and survive.

Now let me come to Politics. I was reading in a news website that an MLA felt bad with the way a minister behaved with his party MLA in assembly during no confidence motion and he was expressing agony. His logic was simple. MLA was a lady and wife of Ex CM who has brought party into power and she should have been treated with respect. In Politics once you change your party no one cares for you and even if you are an ex CM. How can you expect others to be silent? Ruling party will criticize opposition even if someone as sane as Gandhi is there and it is very natural. If anyone is worried about treatment and comments, they should decide to refrain from coming into politics and assembly.

In both the scenarios mentioned above, the point I wanted to make is simple. If you want to survive, be ready to face the criticism and don’t complain. Iam neither a fan of NTR, Mahesh nor Pawan and Iam not a sympathizer of Congress or YSR congress. The illustrations mentioned above are used only to drive the point.

Written by Brahma Mahesh (TheOnlyBrahma on twitter)

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