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Consensual Flirtatious Relationship

Consensual Flirtatious Relationship

“We are in a consensual flirtatious relationship.” Sounds like a copybook office romance. Except, the lady in question, Lisa Rundle, does not think so.

In a David and Goliath redux (and reversal), David Davidar, ex-CEO of Penguin Canada, is fending off sexual harassment charges. And that carefully crafted explanation on his part does kinda explain how he sustains a “successful writing career”. Lisa says he inundated her (and not just with “inappropriate e-mails and text messages”) with indecent proposals and that pretty much closed David’s chapter at Penguin. Now, the question is, what exactly is to be read between the lines?

Based on reciprocity
I’ve been involved in sexual harassment panels and the understanding is that a consensual flirtatious relationship would be a situation wherein flirtatious banter is exchanged possibly extending to physical contact, but not necessarily. The basis of this exchange would be reciprocity and not be defined as predatory behaviour. – Advaita Kala

Not a platonic relationship
I know a lot of people who are in a ‘consensual, flirtatious relationship’. It happens all the time, but it shouldn’t happen in workplaces. However, if you ask me what it means then I’d say that it’s a kind of relationship that is certainly not platonic and if two people are in it then they are more than just friends. To put it simply it’s a relationship that shouldn’t be. – Mandira Bedi

Difficult to define
As long as both are in an agreement, and enjoyment, of a certain flirtatious relationship, there is nothing wrong with it. It is difficult to define when flirtation turns into harassment. Sometimes, when one person expects more from that flirtation and doesn’t get it, it’s termed harassment by that person. There’s no harm in flirting, if you can ensure it doesn’t get out of hand. – Karan Razdan

Escape legal and moral censure
We should club it with what Clinton had said about him having sex but not penetration during the Lewinsky thing … something like saying I smoked but without inhaling … I would say it’s a line used when you want to escape any kind of legal or moral censure for something not above board/morally unacceptable behaviour. – Koel Purie

Confession of an affair
Nothing can define it. Flirting can be done with eyes, by cracking dirty jokes and laughing at small things. Did he hold hands, did he take her out, or did he have a physical relationship with her? Saying that it was a consensual flirtatious relationship amounts to nothing, unless you have facts to prove the extent of the relationship.What made the lady lodge a complaint after three months? – Prahlad Kakkar

Only way to get work done
Consensual flirtation has become very common, especially in the acting and modelling fraternity. I’ve even seen female singers flirt with composers, because it’s an easy climb to success. People are extremely shrewd now – they know that this is the only way to get work done. And when that’s the motive, then there are no limits to “consensual flirtation”. – Sonu Niigaam

courtesy : The Times of India

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