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Congress sitting pretty cool

Congress sitting pretty cool

Congress sitting pretty cool

Both TDP and PRP leaving no stone unturned to have alliance with any one of the communist and Telangana parties. Though CPI (M) in word leaning towards TDP for various reasons since last local body elections, the CPI is not much inclined for similar tie up and opting to sail with PRP than TDP. Both the left groups to sort out these differences have met several times in the past but failed to come to an understating in forming a grand anti-Congress front.

For the last two days CPI indicating that there is a possibility in the state for a front without inclusion of TDP, as even today the public do not trust the latter.

Feeling jittery over the developments, Naidu has entrusted the job of convincing TRS leadership to align with TDP in next elections to K.Srihari. It is heard in this background on Wednesday both Srihari and Vinod had a lengthy dialogue but a clear picture will emerge only when dates of elections are announced. In regard to alliance with communist parties Naidu is heavily depending on central leadership of the party rather than cajoling the Raghavulu or Narayana.

Despite all these opposition’ pre-election politics Congress is feeling secured because the anti-government votes are sure to be divided between Chiru and Naidu as both never going to lead united fight and that will be very much advantageous to them.


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