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Congress latest pawn MIM on Telangana Issue

Congress latest pawn MIM

Congress latest pawn MIM

Once again the smart Politician in YSR reared his head when the heir apparent for Hyderabad based MIM party strongly opposed the curvature of the separate Telangana state in the just concluded NIC conclave in New Delhi.  Proving the apprehensions of the pro-Telanganietes right on the button,a team of Andhra leaders immediately sang united  song and YSR, instead of his  usual tag line ‘’our leaders Sonia Gandhi will take decision in regard to that’’, went a step ahead and announced that without addressing the fears of Muslims the formation of Telangana is not possible.

Now Telangana drama is taking an interesting twist. In 2004 elections Naidu opposed separate Telanagana, in a do or die situation now his party has reluctantly passed a resolution in favor of division with a strong hope to improve its tally in the region. In erstwhile elections KCR and YSR combined to defeat Naidu now the Naidu and KCR lead a united fight to see the end of YSR.

So far Telangana is just a region’s demand with a large majority proposing it and a few opposing. Now, it sounds, the fight will come painted with communal colors as MIM will take issue centering Hyderabad.

But public are not fools, they know that YSR is behind MIM.


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