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Confusion rules state political parties

Confusion rules state political partiesFor the next few months a lot of surprises are stored for the public in Andhra Pradesh particularly in regard to political developments. The reasons for this fluidity in the state politics are very simple, the arrival of new political force called Chiranjeevi on to the scene, the eclipsing of Chandrababu image and the ‘not so strong’ negative wave against the ruling party.

In the next elections no body can say who is contesting from which party given the large scale polarization of the political leaders among various political parties in the state. Political parties particularly TDP and Congress are making all out efforts to protect their folk from leaving their folds.

Many people, who are said to be very close to Naidu and some stalwart supporters of the party from the day one, are already seen leaving the party to pair with Chiru, if the present trend continues by the time of elections in many districts the party will be left with no suitable candidates to give tickets.

Though right now the Congress is sitting pretty cool once the day of the judgment is announced the Chiru fever will infect that party too already a lot of smaller leaders and some disgruntled elements secretly sending feeler to Chiru party. The exact picture of the party will be known only when the dates of the elections are announced.

It is not only leaders who are hoping from one party to another in search of greener pastures even some   parties also in two minds in choosing electoral partner, one day you find left parties talking against Telugu desam party the very next day you find them declaring, they would align with the same TDP saying the Congress is bigger enemy and another day declaring would sail with Chiru as the existing TDP and Congress are mired in corruption.

Even smaller parties like Lokasatta are in dilemma, as Jayaprakash Narayana has some personnel differences with Mitra his teaming up with Chiru is ruled out. A week back he announced, he would team up with some national parties without mentioning names of those parties.

The former home minister Devender goud is now searching for a suitable partner after failing to inflict any damage to TDP. His joining with Chiranjeevi is fore gone conclusion since he is left with no option as TRS is not inclined to forge any alliance and he cannot  team with TDP and Congress having criticized them day in day out.

Having lost his face in the last elections TRS chief is the most confused man today in AP after left leaders, you always find him meeting BJP, Left leaders and other regional party leaders around the clock for other than Telengana purpose.

The sociological reason for the confusion is the existing political forces are dominated by two major upper castes and Chiru is from another numerically dominant caste. Many political leaders of are of the view that back ward caste would en bloc vote his party.


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