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Chrome is Google’s new Web browser

Chrome is Google\'s new Web browserGoogle’s new free Web browser, called Chrome, is designed to expand its huge lead in the Internet search market . Chrome is being promoted as a sleeker, faster, safer and reliable alternative to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, which has been the leading vehicle for surfing the Web for the past decade.

Chrome does much of what a browser needs to do these days. It groups pages into easy-to-manage tabs and offers several ways for people to control their Internet privacy settings.

Chrome is definitely a challenge to Microsoft’s browser, used by around 75% of Web surfers. It is also a challenge to Microsoft’s Office software suite, because what Google aims to do is to make the browser a stable and flexible platform that can do practically everything one wants to do with a computer, from word processing and email to photo editing.

To strengthen that effort, Chrome was designed to improve on the way other browsers handle JavaScript, one of the technologies used to make Web pages more interactive and more like desktop software applications. Google’s online word processing and spreadsheet programmes use this technology, but it’s also very widely deployed on Web pages to do less sophisticated things, like drop-down menus.

JavaScript can gobble up computer processor power, and if poorly used by a website, can bring down the browser. One of the things Chrome promises is that if one browser tab crashes, it won’t take down the whole programme.

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