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Chiru proved political pundits wrong

Chiru proved political pundits wrong

Chiru proved political pundits wrong

The overwhelming reception accorded to chiranjeevi in the bordering districts of Srikakulam and Vijayanagaram once again ignited the political scene in the state. None, in particular both the major parties of Congress and TDP, have expected this kind of public attendance for the star turned politician and so far all political parties almost wrote off PRP as very marginal force, even after massive public meeting in temple town of Tirupathi. At a crucial juncture when other oppositional groups playing political tactics, Chiru punctured the hopes of  Naidu and some other parties proving that he is there, not just an another political party but as a power to reckon.

Now, not only dominant political parties, even the smaller ones that have been dictating dates and placing unreasonable conditions have started to re-think over their  partner in the coming electoral battle. The postponement of final decision by CPI (M) on Sunday in regard to have a tie up with TDP in the coming election is clear indication of that. Already one of the two left parties i.e. CPI has hinted, in public, its intention to sail with PRP against the wish of CPI (M) which almost has made up it’s mind to have tie up with Naidu for various reasons, the case is same with TRS.

Now all these leaders will re-work their electoral alliances.

Now Chiru camp should workout clear strategy to keep this momentum   till the judgment day and convert this public attendance into votes.


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