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Chiru needs some big mouths

Both congress and TDP not leaving any available opportunity to criticize prajarajyam party now a days. Congress in a strategic step deputed Mareppa and he is perfectly carrying his job mouthing off at PRP and Chiru quite frequently, as he is dalith other parties are finding it difficult to attack him in the same aggression. Though initially TDP maintained some silence for political reasons, when mass migration started from their party, unable to control their ire they too delegated the job to big mouthed Nagam.

Both Mithra and Prabhakar, PRP official representatives, are very decent in their criticism which is not appreciated by their own cadre.

It is learnt now they too thinking of allowing some of their seasoned politicians who can match both Mareppa and Nagam in the use of right language to attack Congress and TDP.

It is surprising Chiru is yet to recognize the ability of Hari Ramajogayya who has used all kinds of unparliamentarily words when in congress against his own party members. Now if entrusted the work of attacking the opposing groups he can infuse some aggression to the attack and make the cadre happy.

PRP should know that the success of a politician depends on recognizing the abilities of his party members and entrusting the right task to them rather than depending on some intellectuals who are experts in analyzing the things theoretically and shy away in using harsh language.

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