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Chirpy birds on the endangering list

Chirpy birds on the endangering list Many people who had studied their 10+ in the early nineties could have read K.A.Abbas’ short story “sparrows’’ as part of their English academic curriculum. The story of ‘’sparrows ‘’ is woven around a heartless man who is abandoned by his kids and wife, leading a lonely life in his final days he dies while saving two baby sparrows.

May be that man in the story lost his life saving the sparrows but here in real life ornithologists expressing concern over dwindling population of these domestic birds across India.

Dilwar Mohammed, founder of nature India, a group that champions the cause of sparrows, warning that chirpy birds are fast disappearing due to ecological and environmental changes.

The arrival of cell phones and their signals loaded with electromagnetic radiation and destruction of natural habitat having their share in this mayhem, they said.


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