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Chiranjeevi’s party named Mana Desam ?

Chiranjeevi’s party named Mana Desam ?One of the longest sustained rumour in Andhra Pradesh political circles is that Tollywood Megastar Chiranjeevi is entering the political arena with his own party. There were innumerable speculations by all and sundry on this topic since last couple of years.
The theme and success of his films Tagore and Indra fuelled the imagination of the people on the star’s political arangetram. The question thus far was will he or will he not?
However, the rapid changes in the regional political spectrum has given vital momentum to the close associates of Chiranjeevi to silently and surely commence the ground work for starting the political party. Nagababu, brother of the star, is busy since last few months, touring each nook and corner of the state organizing the existing fan clubs into effective grass-roots political entities at district level. Dr Mitra of Sparc had been conducting training classes to the prospective field workers in the disciplines of mass communications, organizational skills and personality development. Separate wings for students, women, youth, farmers, workers and NGOs are being formed.
Though there is no official announcement as such from Chiranjeevi so far, the question now is when will he make an announcement. The very fact that the seasoned political parties of the state, Congress, Telugu Desam, BJP and the Left parties are issuing statements on the political consequences of Chiranjeevi’s party, is a sure indication that his party is definitely going to arrive sooner than later.
There was intense speculation that Chiranjeevi would make the official announcement on the Ugadi festival day. It did not materialize because of the declaration of by-polls in sixteen assembly constitutions ofTelangana. The buzz now is that Chiranjeevi will come out with an announcement soon after the by-poll results are released.
According to the usually reliable inside sources, Chiranjeevi’s party is likely to be named as Mana Desam, which will have a distinct regional flavour as well as a larger national appeal.
The political analysts are eagerly awaiting the release of the official manifesto of Chiranjeevi’s party. The issues which the star has to address immediately and take a definite stand are : Telangana, price rise, social justice, welfare measures and social security.

Irrespective of his stand on the above issues, his very entry will be politically significant in the context of the present caste-based politics. Moreover, because of his Tollywood status in terms of glitz and glamour, he and his party will trigger a media tsunami, all other topics including the Telangana issue will be swept away from both the electronic and print media attention.
Deen Kumar

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