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Change of times

Change of times

In an article supposedly written by late JRD TATA in the ‘70s, the doyen of TATA group, it is stated he waited for three days like a dog, to meet the minister concerned in regard to starting a new factory but no avail. It tells the pitiable state of affairs for the industrialists in the pre-liberalization era; now every thing changed in their favor, not only mainstream Congress, BJP or TDP even communist parties also red-carpeting, amending their rules and ideologies in inviting industrialist to start new ventures on their land.

Seeing the scenes of political community knelling down at the feet of the TATA representatives from the above, the senior TATA must be feeling happy.

The saddest episode of the whole saga is re-location of the factory from Singur to Gujarat, the trade and political leaders of left parties always fought for marginal groups in the closed door policies period and helped in empowerment of the working community but the post-liberalization economic conditions curtailed the role of trade unions and social movements.

As Mamatha is in opposition she took cudgels in supports of farmers and left government opposed her, if Mamatha was CM of West Bengal the left leaders could have done the same thing. In a way she has given left leaders the dose of their medicine but it is poor farmers and unemployed lot who felt the heat.


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