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BJP’s Gadkari Equates Swami Vivekananda with Dawood

BJP's Gadkari Equates Swami Vivekananda with Dawood

BJP’s President Nitin Gadkari seems to be courting controversy after controversy. Already at the receiving end for frauds in his companies, Gadkari generated another storm while speaking at a meeting in Bhopal. Gadkari drew similarities between India’s revered saint Swami Vivekananda and International terrorist Dawood Ibraham saying both have similar IQ.

Opposition parties are up in arms and Cong said it demonstrates the party’s “level of thinking and mentality” and demanded an apology.Tewari said that a “mere clarification” would not suffice and the BJP should “apologise to the people of this country, and specifically to the thinking people and the leaders of India.”. BJP is finding it difficult to support its President.

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