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Biased reporting by Andhra Jyothi

Biased reporting by Andhra Jyothi

Biased reporting by Andhra Jyothi

Unable to dent the image of YSR through its half-truth reporting, Andhra Jyothi has started to damage the image of those who are supporting and joining Congress. First it attempted to tarnish the image of leaders like Krishna Madiga and Krishnaiah, but they taught a lesson to it and AJ lost its face among the left and marginalized groups in the episode.

Now it is targeting film stars. Without making any comments on film artists who are supporting TDP and PRP, it is making all out attempt with half-truth reporting. The other day it said all the film stars whoever have agreed to support Congress have some vested interest and those backing TDP are honest artistes.

S.V.Krishan Reddy, Jayasudha ,Rajasekhar and Krishna are its latest victims. The real estate man in the industry who has been making trips to courts in several cases is finding no negative reporting in media as he is a strong sympathizer for TDP.

How much Andhra Jyothi is getting for carrying anti-congress reporting from TDP is a well known fact.  Just a decade back Radhakrishna, proprietor of Andhra Jyothi, is seen on a bicycle. Today he refuses to move out without BMW.

Media has lost its glory just because of this kind of journalism.


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