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Bhaskarabhatla talks about Wanted

Bhaskarabhatla talks about Wanted

Wanted starring Gopichand, Deeksha and directed by BVS Ravi is releasing tomorrow. Bhaskarabhatla wrote all the songs of this movie and the music is already a chartbuster. Acclaimed as an album with a mix of melodious romantic tracks and youthful fast beat numbers, Wanted audio has set stage for the movie. Let us listen from the lyric writer Bhaskarabhatla himself as to how did he do Wanted, his experiences during making and how he felt on working in the movie.

Ravi and I know each other from Satyam days and we are very good friends. The fact that he is also a writer helped me very well and my good friend chakri is the music director of the movie. We did music sittings of the movie in Khandala and four out of five tunes (Arakilo, Cheppana, Yevo picchi veshaalu and Naalo nenu) are Okayed in first sitting only. Gopichand was little apprehensive about Arakilo pagaru…Arakilo Balupu. I wrote two songs for this tune and after hearing out both the tunes,he got convinced and this is one of the best songs I wrote to establish hero image. The idea was to give a novel title to the song and to establish the hero as the one who works on his own and don’t care for anyone. The song worked very well. I always love to touch little bit of philosophy in my songs and I add few lines in this song too. Yevo Picchi veshalu is my favorite song lyrically in this album. Ka guninthaalu marchipoyaanu le expression is very novel and tells that the guy has forgotten what he has learnt in childhood, which is unlikely otherwise after seeing the girl. I wanted to write a melodious song as good as ‘Gundello edho sadi’ and I wrote Cheppanaa. This is a very melodious song. Dil mera dhak dhak is a fast paced song and I wrote expression like Navvullo 7 o clock blade laaga unnave, pencil naa gundenu chekkesthunnave which is new. Then comes A for angel for which I worked very hard. I wrote 8 pallavis and 16 charanams. Gopichand wanted stylish song. If you see this song I used Aaaaa eeee oooo in one charanam and one two three in another charanam while used a for angel in pallavi. Wanted is one of my favorite album and the album gave me 100% job satisfaction. I should say Chakri gave superb tunes for the album and team work is giving results. I would like to thanks Ravi and Gopi for instilling confidence in me.

by Brahma Mahesh
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