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Babus are more powerful than ministers

Babus are more powerful than ministers

Babus are more powerful than ministers

One of the politicians, now in opposition, recently said their colleagues can earn only for a period of five years, their graft is justifiable because they have to shell out lakhs of rupees to keep their folk together and during elections (one of the costliest democratic affairs in the modern world) have to generously distribute money to the voting public. But the senior/junior bureaucrats and government staff are looting for a whooping period of 30 years i.e. throughout their service, without spending anything for the others.

The ruling governments heavily rely on the babus to ensure that their schemes reach down to all the people. Another young politician called the IAS lobby ‘the most powerful trade union’.

Who is to be blamed for this malady? Our decadent political system?
Once you are selected for a government job dismissing you is not as easy as removing a minister for graft.

As long leaders are in opposition they talk about graft but once they come to power they make use of the loopholes they pointed out as opposition leader and amass wealth.

It is officers who shrewdly guide the politicos in these dirty deals.

So, unless the system is cleansed there is no end for this looting spree. Suryanarayans and Naiks keep coming up every now and then.


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