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Are the terrorists and Muslims one and the same

Are the terrorists and Muslims one and the same

Are the terrorists and Muslims one and the same

If what the mainstream media often writes in their reporting is true, then the answer for the above question is ‘yes’. A lot of journalists while reporting use words like “Islamic terrorism” and equate Muslims with terrorists which are highly objectionable in the general sense.

If the entire lot of Muslims turns into terrorists, can the world survive? Just an itsy-bitsy fraction of youth from that community is cold sweating the public with their frustrated acts in the name of religion does not mean that what is taught in masques is not Quran but lectures on planting bombs in public places and invention of new methods of terror tactics.

One Islamic scholar while interacting told that the teachings at many mosques at present are concentrated more of pacifying the youth from falling into the trap of Bin Laden gang with apprehensions that the entire family back home will suffer with humiliation in society because of one person in their family is branded as an out-law.

During the height of Punjab terrorism, the media did not call it Sikh terrorism and neither had called the Assam Ghana Parishat movement a Hindu terrorism. Then to what extent is it justifiable to call the present one a ‘Muslim terrorism’. This is the question many people from that community are posing. Some even doubt that the word has been coined in US and successfully propagated across the world.

To educate the media people in this regard a Hyderabad based NGO organized a one day all India seminar a few days ago, but none of the big heads from media found time to attend, but surprisingly, still use the same terminology in their reporting. This kind of reporting makes the middle classes in other communities look at the Muslims as terrorists and increasingly alienate them from mainstream society.


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