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Are the elections around the corner?

Are the elections around the corner?

Are the elections around the corner?

In a clear communiqué, the Congress high command has directed the state leadership to prepare for elections. The possible dates will be in Febravery next year, when the prices of essentials usually come down to a marginal level. The Delhi bosses have already made up their mind in this regard and conveyed to the regional satraps.

YSR, in this backdrop, has initiated consultations with MLAs, ordering the authorities eliminate BELT SHOPs and widening the base of welfare schemes, not forgetting backward groups and economically backward groups. It is already known, a lot of surveys have been carried out to choose the winning aspirant and the local leadership has prepared a list in this regard, if what is to be believed a lot of inhabitants present assemble will not to be getting chance to contest in the light of their poor performance and debased popularity in their constituencies.

The atmosphere in the opposition front too getting hotter and hotter day by day, as one of the two communist parties is throwing a spanner in the unity works.

Only public are yet to come into mood as the prices of essentials including vegetable still touching the sky and job market in is doldrums, the conditions are worrying them a lot.


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