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Alas, the Watch Dog became a boot-licking mongrel

Alas, the Watch Dog became a boot-licking mongrel

Alas, the Watch Dog became a boot-licking mongrel

Many of modern day votaries of democracy do seem to have been convinced that democracy is just going through the motions of voting and be done with it.

Such a simplistic view of democracy is nothing short of being a wily demagogue.

Definition of democracy:

The dictionary defines democracy as:

1. Government by the people exercised either directly or through elected representatives;
2. A political or social unit that has such a government;
3. The common people, considered as the primary source of political power.
4. Majority rule.
5. The principles of social equality and respect for the individual within a community.

(French démocratie, from Late Latin d?mocratia, from Greek d?mokrati? : d?mos, people + –krati?, -cracy French –cratie, from Old French, from Late Latin –cratia, from Greek –krati?, from kratos, strength, power.)

The Four Estates of Democracy:

Fundamentally, there are Four Estates in the factual manifestation of democracy in practice.The First Estate is the Legislature, normally elected through free-will-franchise, but often via mob-cracy or monocracy, the Second is the Executive or Civil Administration, commonly known as the bureaucracy and chosen through the process of meritocracy, the Third is the Judiciary and the Fourth is the Press, now usually known as the Media and dubbed as the Watch Dog of the other three estates.

Those who conspire and work against the process of democracy in their own country, sometimes collaborating with an external covert or overt organization, have been given the sobriquet of the Fifth Estate.
Some democracy protagonists add two more Estates: The Armed Forces being the Sixth and the People themselves as the ultimate Seventh Estate.

In the context of the present election 2009 scenario in Andhra Pradesh, the vernacular Telugu news papers and Telugu TV channels, the Press, the supposed to be the Watch Dogs or the Fourth Estate of Democracy, stylishly tucked their tails under the comfort of the groin of their hind legs and religiously converted themselves into tail-wagging, boot-licking, dog-biscuit-munching conniving pedigree-less street mongrels. They groomed barking into an art and being toothless forgot the dutiful bite.

Alas, I do rue this day when the Watch Dogs in Andhra Pradesh became slave dogs, sold for a song. Whither democracy? Just a withering doppelganger!

With scam-tainted legislators, benign and submissive bureaucracy, malleable judiciary and doggedly mud-slinging canines masquerading as the Fourth Estate Watch Dogs, God save our democracy.

Democracy, at least in Andhra Pradesh is dead. Long live Democracy!

We were witness to the abject slavery indulged in willfully by the media during the infamous Emergency era provoking S. Mulgaonkar, the former Editor of the Hindustan Times and the Indian Express, to castigate editors and journalists as, “ When a simple bow could suffice, they crawled.

Wake up, Fourth Estate ! Be a Watch Dog, at least from now onwards.

Deen Kumar

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