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Aamir Khan versus Shahrukh Khan

Aamir Khan versus Shahrukh Khan Aamir Khan’s recent blog titled ‘Settlers of Panchgani’ where he mentions having a pet dog by the name of Shahrukh has not gone down too well with the SRK fans as well as that of his own. While Shahrukh’s fans were up in arms against Aamir, his own fans were surprised at the tone of the blog and considered it imprudent.

Although Aamir has apologised to Shahrukh in public the blog has exposed the undercurrents between the two stars. Aamir and Shahrukh share a mutual admiration for each other in the media but are not known to be too fond of each other off it. A few months back Aamir had jokingly said that Shahrukh is second to him in the industry.

Shahrukh Khan is known to make fun of all the stars in the industry and many senior stars like Amitabh Bachchan have skipped award functions because of him. SRK attributes all his jokes to his good sense of humour which is not always appreciated by others. But this has never bothered the Baadshah of Bollywood from passing comments on senior stars in the industry.

Shahrukh over the years has learnt the art of using media for the promotions of his films or creating a hype around an event. Aamir off late has been seen practising this art and is being seen in front of the camera too often. He is even open to attending award function which he had avoided for years. Aamir is however no match for Shahrukh when it comes using the media, an art that SRK has mastered.

Aamir might have wanted to take a dig at Shahrukh in the latter’s style but in the end injured himself and lost the immense respect of his own fans. Shahrukh meanwhile has got some more publicity which he dies for without saying a word.

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